About the project.

'Local As Qld' brings together and empower locally based Queensland Chambers of Commerce to help amplify local tourism through www.LocalAsQld.com.au. The site showcases tasters of each town/city/region with a click through to each respective chamber.

Each local Chamber facilitates and runs their own campaign through their own channels (website or social media) highlighting local businesses, tourist spots & points of interest to draw those from within Qld to their area.

This campaign deliberately targets and speaks on behalf of local & small businesses to participate, rather than simply emphasising a region, differing it or area setting it apart from many other campaigns. Each Chamber’s localised flavour, feel and emotion is on full display to better engage and accelerate the story telling ability to encourage Queenslanders to explore their own backyard.

With almost 40 Qld Chambers actively involved, along with the support of CCIQ, we’re confident this will help both tourism and hospitality industries in post-COVID times.

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The following chambers from across Queensland have contributed and thrown their whole hearted support behind Local As Qld. Thank you to each and every one of them along with their committees, members and supporting communities.